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Common Car Accident Claims

Tony Tramontana

Frequent Louisiana Car Accident Claims

If you have ever had the unfortunate experience of being in a car accident, you know the trauma, pain, and suffering that goes along with the event. This single incident can change the course of your life, especially if you are severely injured. Of course, even minor injuries can have a lasting impact. That is why attorneys like us work so hard to help accident victims like you get the compensation you need.

As a victim of a car accident in Louisiana, you might
be wondering if you have a feasible personal injury case. Getting an attorney to work hard for you is the best way to ensure your long-term needs are met. You are also more likely to succeed in getting compensation if the other driver involved was deemed negligent. We have outlined the most common causes of accidents; Read through them to see if your particular case fits into one of these categories:

Distracted Driving:

With the popularity of social media and cell phone use on the rise, the incidents of distracted driving accidents have escalated. It is estimated that thousands of people are killed and injured as a result of distracted driving each year. Although younger drivers tend to be more apt to text and drive or to surf social media while operating a vehicle, they aren’t the only ones on the road who make that mistake. It is unfortunately all too common. Distracted driving isn’t limited to cell phones only, though, as talking on the phone, eating, drinking, talking to passengers, messing with the radio or setting a GPS are also significant distractions.

Drunk Driving:

In 2014, there were a reported 737 traffic deaths on Louisiana roads due to alcohol-impaired driving, this according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Of course, this number doesn’t reflect the injuries that occurred that didn’t result in death. However, the number does reveal the propensity of Louisianians to get behind the wheel while inebriated. As many experts have proven, even buzzed driving can reduce a person’s ability to properly react while operating a vehicle, which can and often does lead to an accident.

Driver Error:

Virtually every car accident is caused by driver error of some sort. After all, it’s not like anyone ever "means" to run off the road or plow into another car. Therefore, driver error is a common cause of accidents and makes up a significant portion of car accident claims. If an accident happens as a result of a driver failing to yield the right of way, driving improperly for conditions, running a stop sign or red light, braking suddenly, merging without proper signaling or speeding, this would be considered drive error.

Employee on the Clock:

The final addition to our list of the most commonly filed car accident claims is an accident involving an employee on the clock. This is most often the case when a big-rig truck is involved in an accident, as they are usually on the clock while driving. The size factor of a big-rig, of course, makes any accident in which it is involved much more substantial. According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Commission, there were 77,000 non-fatal accidents caused by large trucks in 2012. This number exemplifies the danger that big-rig and other large trucks pose to fellow motorists on the roadways. Unfortunately, when you are dealing with large corporations, like those who own and operate major trucking companies, car accident claims aren’t always cut and dry, since any case dealing with a major corporation can be difficult to prove and win. However, it is possible when there is enough evidence. On the other hand, a claim can involve the employee who was driving the big truck, instead of a driver or passenger who was in a car that was hit by a big-rig. In this type of case, the employee or driver of the big-rig involved in an accident will file a claim against their employer. In most instances, they must be without fault in regards to their accident for this to be a possibility.

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